giovedì 24 maggio 2018

Sport ad of the day. Fifa World Cup 2018 launch trailer - BBC Sport

Music: Oche Cheryne. Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson. Arranged by Alex Baranowski. BBC Sport: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Portfolio Head of Marketing James Parry
Marketing Manager John Sprott
Marketing Executive Helen Worsey
Campaign Planner David Wheadon
Media Portfolio Lead Marc Jones
Executive Creative Director Aidan McClure
Exec Creative Director Laurent Simon
Creative Director Tim Jones
Creative Director James Cross
Creative Edward Usher
Creative Xander Hart
Producer Liz Dolan
Project Manager Loretta Ramkissoon
Production Coordinator Emma Hamilton
Head of Planning Mike Lean
Director Nicos Livesey
Producer Alex Halley
Executive Producer Bart Yates
Designer Luke Carpenter
BBC Creative Head of Design Laurence Honderick
Composer Alex Baranowski
Vocals Sir John Tomlinson
Sound Design & Mix: Mark Hills & Anthony Moore
Audio Producer: Lucy Spong

giovedì 17 maggio 2018

Social media campaign of the day. Burger King Stories Ordering

"We launched 9 stories on instagram, one with each of the Whopper's famous ingredients. Inviting people to customize their Whopper, stories after stories. Each set of polls generated a unique coupon (that we send through a DM) for people to redeem their unique Whopper for free. But then, we put all the data on the grill to create the most popular Whopper for Spaniards: the Insta Whopper, available all across Spain for a limited period of time."
LOLA MullenLowe

Nice idea of the day. Schweppes - The Dress for Respect

Schweppes new campaign launch shows that to conquer, one must be elegant and most importantly, respectful.
Ogilvy Brazil

Nice ad of the day. Bwin - Who Stole The Cup?

Maradona, Cafu, Effenberg & Del Bosque... Who stole the cup? Make your choice at BBH Sport

giovedì 10 maggio 2018

Recap of the day. UTEC - The Masters of Outdoor Advertising.

UTEC: 1200 Trees-Like Purifying Billboard

UTEC - Potable Water Generator

UTEC - Air Orchard

This is not outdoor, ma it is worth a glance
UTEC - Plant Lamp 

FCB Perù

venerdì 4 maggio 2018

D&ad winner of the day. The Heist No One Is Talking About

Share this film and then demand that governments act to stop tax dodging at When companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, developing countries are deprived of funds needed for vital services like hospitals – it’s estimated that each year poor countries lose out on $100 billion in tax revenue. It’s the world’s poorest people who suffer the most.
Advertising Agency: Don't Panic
Production Company: Stink Films