venerdì 22 settembre 2017

NSFW music video of the day. Justice — Pleasure (Live)

Justice — Pleasure (Live) from Justice on Vimeo.
Taken from Justice's album "Woman".

lunedì 11 settembre 2017

Comparison of the day. Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Plane – Virgin Trains 30 Sec TV Ad

Travelling to that all-important job interview? Want a peaceful and relaxing journey? Then travel by Virgin Trains where you can enjoy a stress-free and turbulence-free ride! Whether you’re travelling peak or off-peak, you’re guaranteed a smooth journey with Virgin Trains!

Nice ad of the day. Sleepwalking BMW - United States

A little girl is daydreaming about driving the ultimate machine, her mother's BMW. Her parents watch the scene, but instead of waking her up abruptly, the mother goes to her BMW that's parked outside. The sound of the engine wakes the little girl up. Credits: Production Company / Producer: Paranoiia Productions Creative Director / Copywriter / Director: Ignacio Sepulveda Producers: Fabien Colas Cinematographer: Kai Krause Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz Sound Designer: Jeffrey Phaklides


With "Bayerische Motoren Werke", Serviceplan and BMW create a bold new brand appearance to accompany the model offensive of the automotive manufacturer in the luxury segment.

venerdì 8 settembre 2017

Idea of the day. Trash Isles: Al Gore Becomes The First Citizen Of The Trash Isles

Al Gore is perhaps a name that’s floated around school science and geography lessons for over a decade. Need a quick refresher? He’s arguably one of the world’s most influential climate change campaigners; a real big deal in world politics. So BREAKING NEWS. The former Vice President of the United States is now our first honorary citizen of the Trash Isles. The Trash Isles? What’s that, we hear? At LADbible, we’ve set out to combat plastic pollution by creating the world’s first country made from ocean rubbish - an area the size of France, which has already formed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Ready to make a difference? Become a Trash Isles citizen and ensure the world’s first country made of trash, is its last. Read more: Visit the hub: Become a citizen: To license this video please email:

There’s an area of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean that’s the size of France – and no-one is doing anything about it. So LADbible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation have gone to the United Nations to declare it as a country, give it a voice and help get this mess cleaned up. So, come on fellow Trash Isles countrymen. Let’s put down the plastic, get off our arses and pull together to ensure the world’s first country made of Trash, is its last! Read more: Visit the hub: Become a citizen: To license this video please email: